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In early 2017, Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company began manufacturing multi and single-layer films (shrink film, mulch film, and agricultural stretch). This company has been instrumental in the packaging industry development and progress in Iran, with a capacity to produce 2000 tons of stretch film annually for packing industrial, health, and food products.

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Kian Plast co explains about the Crocodile brand

About the Crocodile brand

Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company offers all its products under the verified and traded Crocodile brand. Crocodile skin's tensile strength, durability, and integrity are important factors behind its nomination, which is emphasized in the company's products.

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About the Crocodile brand
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Packing with shrink film

Packing with shrink film can be conducted with various devices. In the above video, you can see a sample of packing with a shrink-pack device. These nylons are shrunk with heat and insulate and pack the product.


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