Agricultural Silage Film

Agricultural Silage Film

Silage film is used for optimal packaging, insulation, and fermentation of products such as hay, corn, and other agricultural products.

Agricultural silage film protects hays from corruption and damage. Agricultural silage, also called the agricultural stretch, is made from polyethylene materials that have multiple layers and are used to prevent direct sunlight from reaching hay and prolonging its life.

The agricultural stretch(silage) target market is farmers and agriculturists. By protecting and packaging their hay, they preserve the nutritional value of animals' hay and ensure optimal fermentation.

Product Specifications

Used for
Agriculture industry
Kianplast mehr aria
Different colors
Optimal fermentation

More Details

The packaging industry uses silage film to package and insulate products such as hay, corn, and other agricultural products in the huge agriculture market.  The application of stretch film to silage is very effective in preserving the quality of hay. As a result, it protects the hay from damage and prolongs the nutritional value of the hay.

silage film


Due to the ideal cohesion for optimal fermentation of hay, this product can be used efficiently and productively. In order to preserve the quality of agricultural products such as hay, you need high-quality silage stretch film. In addition to high flexibility, optimal fermentation, and easy transportation, an appropriate silage film needs to possess technical and acceptable properties to ensure hay quality during the storage period. Below are some of the most important properties of silage stretch.

High-quality silage film properties:

  • It should improve the fermentation process in the hay, which increases the nutritional value for livestock.
  • It should prolong the maintenance time of hay by up to 2 years and even provide a long period of storage.
  • It should keep hay fresh for a long time, increasing its quality for livestock.
  • It should be compatible with various climates to preserve hay quality in these variations.
  • It should be simply usable and removable.

silage film multi color

Having high-quality hay is the most critical factor affecting animals’ health. Also, the store can be improved substantially due to the ultimate product flexibility. When producing pallet packages for production warehousing, silage packaging of high quality is crucial. Agricultural silage film is produced in black and white or other colors.

Among the properties of Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company’s manufactured films is their exclusive and customized thickness, dimensions, and parameters, which undergo evaluation testing based on employer orders before mass production begins.



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