Stretch film and stretch wrap

Stretch film and stretch wrap

Different industries use stretch film, also known as stretch nylon, for packing all kinds of products.

A key feature of stretch film is its high elasticity and cohesion. It helps to pack several products and commodities without separation. Another key property of stretch film is high clarity for appropriate vision from the original product and product insulation from dust and pollution.

The stretch films produced by Kian Plast Mehr Aria company have the maximum clarity, elasticity, and cohesion percentage and are produced using the exclusive formulation of the company.

Product Specifications

Use for
Packaging Industry
Usually 10 to 50 microns

More Details

Stretch means elastic, so the stretch film is a plastic with high elasticity. A stretch film is more technically known as low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE), which is a kind of plastic with a high degree of elasticity used for packing in various industries. Packing stretch films have different types, and each one is used for packing specific products.


Stretch film introduction:

Stretch films are also known as cellophane nylons or stretch nylons. Polymeric nylons have elasticity, cohesion, and high clarity and are made from polymeric materials.

Using stretch films is a good replacement for the traditional packing method and can be used for more cost-efficient, durable, and safe packing of products.




Stretch film types

Palette stretch: It is used for packing different small and large products to protect them in transportation and keep them fresh. This kind of stretch has high strength.

Food stretch: This type of stretch is similar to cellophane and is used for packing different food products such as meat and chicken. Using food stretch prevents the entrance of dust and dirt into the food.

Mulch stretch: In agricultural nylons, or mulch nylon, polyethylene or LLDPE is used to block light from reaching the soil and inhibit weed growth.

Hay stretches or silage: It is used by farmers and agriculturists for packing livestock’s food to protect them against damage and corruption.

stretch film

Stretch film use:

It is used in different industries for packing all kinds of products. A key feature of stretch film is its elasticity and cohesion. The cohesion properties of these films are not similar to glue. It is easily wrapped and opened around the product.

Using stretch film prevents the entrance of dust, dirt, and moisture into products. Its tensile property helps to pack several products and commodities without separation. The elasticity properties of stretch films, in addition to their high cohesion, do not allow any dust and dirt to penetrate.

Producing stretch film by Kian Plast Company

Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company produces a variety of stretch films (shrink nylon, mulch film, and agricultural stretch film). With its exclusive formulation, it is able to produce all types of optimal and high-quality stretch films for a variety of industries. Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company presents all its stretch films with the Crocodile brand. These products have high cohesion and elasticity. If you are interested in buying stretch films, this company is ready to contract and produce all kinds of customized films with manufacturer companies and different packing industries.


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