Shrink Wrap Rolls

Shrink Wrap Rolls

Shrink film is widely used in the packaging industry and is very popular in this area due to its numerous properties.

Shrink film, also known as shrink nylon, is a thin plastic layer for packaging products through heating. With shrink nylon and shrink pack devices, all food, health, and other industries' products can be packaged efficiently.

The Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company presents shrink film with the Crocodile trade name, and shrink films of this company possess the highest quality among shrink film according to its exclusive formulation.

Product Specifications

20 to 120 cm
40 to 150 microns
Packaging industries
Resistance and strength
Transparency percentage

More Details

Using a proprietary formulation and polyethylene materials during an engineered process, Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company produces shrink film under a high level of quality control and monitoring. As soon as the nylons are produced, they are subjected to tensile and durability tests, as well as quality control levels, before they are supplied to the market.


Shrink film  of Kian Plast distinction from similar products

  • Possessed iso-9001 certification
  • Quality control in all steps of production
  • High sunlight-resistance
  • Producing and testing a sample before mass production
  • Significant elasticity and high-durability
  • High shrinkage against heat
  • Usable for all packaging industries
  • Rupture- and deformation-resistance
  • Appropriate price compared to other competitors
  • Professional transportation
  • Before-sale professional consultant and services
  • Prepared to contract with all packaging industries



Using shrink nylon of Kian Plast advantages

  • Packaging products for all kinds of industries
  • Increasing industrial efficiency
  • Products isolation with vacuuming it
  • Reducing packaging costs
  • Packaging with high readability due to the nylon transparency
  • Having an exclusive and professional formulation


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