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About us

In early 2017, Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company began manufacturing multi and single-layer films (shrink film, mulch film, and agricultural stretch).

This company has been instrumental in the packaging industry development and progress in Iran, with a capacity to produce 2000 tons of shrink nylon annually for packing industrial, health, and food products.



The Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company is continually seeking to collaborate with reputable brands throughout Iran and the world. Consequently, the company achieved ISO-9001 certification.

By the grace of God and aiming to make progress in this industry, international exports, improve business, and brand a high-quality product, the Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company presents all its products with the Crocodile brand. A significant reason for its nomination is the tensile strength, durability, and integrity of the crocodile skin, which is emphasized in the company’s products.

Multi-layer and single-layer films manufactured by this company are formulated with polyethylene material and polymeric additives according to their vocational characteristics and formulation.

It is designed in a way that ensures the highest level of durability, tensile strength, and shrinkage resistance. Therefore, to comply with various shrink devices of consumer factories, it is first necessary to produce and test the required shrink device, and following the successful completion of the experiment, the primary sample will be manufactured in a large number and delivered.

Along with shrink film production for packaging, Kian Plast Mehr Aria Company also produces mulch film, stretch film, and agricultural silage. With the exclusive formulation developed in the company, the films produced in this company are aimed at being used in agriculture for the highest productivity.